Everybody Eats... Learn To Eat Free!

Eat Free Everyday! Produce, Fresh Meat and Dairy.... All Free! Regardless of your age or station in life, you CAN eat free! You don't need to dedicate hours each week for coupons, and sales... we do ALL of that for you! Yes, even your pets can eat free, we'll show you how!

If you are a typical shopper you probably go to the grocery once a week for most of your groceries and at least one other trip to pick up what you've forgotten.

If you coupon, you probably set aside a certain time each week to clip and file the coupons that you think you may have use for... and may or may not redeem them before they expire.

This is time that you could be spending doing a multitude of other things, but no-you are stuck trimming, clipping and organizing.

Well, we are here to show you that there is a better, easier way.
There is a major trend right now that has come to light that pairs manufacturer and store coupons to make the products you use daily up to 75% less expensive than you've been paying. Some times you can even get the stores to pay you to take their merchandise.

We tell you where the coupons, sales, vouchers and redemption cards are, which store to patronize and when to maximize your purchasing power each week. As a matter of fact, we provide you with a grocery list including the coupons available for items on the list each week and where to find them.

With this information you don't need to clip coupons, just file them every week from your newspaper and they are organized when you want them.

So, what's the next step?

After we've taught you the methods of coupon shopping, outlined the best deals, and shown you where to find the best coupons, we've taken it a step further. We give you a list of tried and true recipes for every day of the week, breakfast lunch and dinner.

Yes, we've seen those services that charge you week after week for repeat recipes that only include dinner.... that's not us. We wouldn't buy into a service like that, and that is not what we are selling.

Our recipes are based on the store sales available, what's in season, ease of preparation, taste and the time factor. If a recipe doesn't have all of those things factored in, it simply is not for this program. Our menus are made weekly in real time, by real people that eat them. Three meals a day, seven days a week.

Here is an example of a past week's menu, recipes and shopping list with coupons listed. Click Here

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